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Project Description

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Praxair – Warehouse Office with Cleanrooms

We were approached by the owner of the warehouse space to help them bid on warehouse and yard renovation, new interior systems installation, cleanroom construction, and the build out of corporate office space around the cleanrooms. They had been approached by Praxair to rent the space, and ownership was bidding the cost of the renovation so that they could deliver the proper rental contract and pricing to the client.

RBC created a bid around existing infrastructure demolition, a complete resurfacing and epoxy coating of all the concrete flooring, custom cleanroom construction, installation of all new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and industrial piping systems, and office space building and finish outs. Our estimates were accurate and competitive, helping ownership seal the deal with their new client.

The positive experience the owner had with this project led to a second project doing the same kind of thing a few years later.

Project Details

RBC delivered on some beautifully built, from the epoxy’d concrete up cleanrooms. But we also got a great office space around the technical production space that serves our business just as well. A very good building experience.

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